The design of this house is the result of a wonderful exchange of ideas, thoughts and emotions with the young couple that lives here.

Their home is elegant, sophisticated and contemporary, a bespoke design with furniture and artisan finishing to the very highest standard of quality. Where great consideration has been given to important pieces of antique furniture, at home with specially selected modern pieces, each finding their place.

Each room has been renovated in delicate harmony with the historic architecture of the building, the colour palette for the main rooms play on tones of black and white. These have been carefully selected as the starting point for the creation of an intimate, domestic atmosphere, with great character and personality.

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Opposites attract, in this apartment for a young couple that love colour and an unconventional matching of things, a unique shade of green acts as a backdrop for a setting of contrasts.

Custom-crafted panelling ​​in black lacquered wood works in comfortably with antiques to create an interesting dialogue. White and black, soft synthetic forms, classic and modern, alternate in a harmonious dance to evoke a strong emotional impact. Both the diversity and similarity amongst the objects have defined a new dimension and brought a new balance in a warm and welcoming environment. This home brings a highly sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic to modern living.



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An office for a cultivated and refined man who loves details and warm, embracing athmosferes.

The desk has been the main item for the whole project: it's a single piece, custom made and achieved with the most professional craft techniques. Its precious carved wood and the little mother of pearl details make the surface more treasured.

The Representation Office has been intended as a more intimate and convivial area, while on the contrary the Meeting Room has a familiar taste, in order to emphasise the welcome mood requested.

Warm tones of beige and dove take turns with the darker colour of ebony, to give interiors a male feature and an international allure.

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She's an elegant and sophisticated woman.

She's a caring mum and a successful lady.

Her days are busy and run quicky, one by one.


In her home there's a place where her own objects find the right site.

It's an intimate and private area, a nest where she's  allowed to live the precious time she deserves...a space where she can be herself.

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